"It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results."

Warren Buffett

Black Mascara Shapes


Andy Rubin

Android Creator

"This is great. I want to go on record and say we need to build great relationships with vendors like yourself, so as I review this I will also think of other areas we can work together. You have been great! "

Melinda Carson Brundige

Executive Director at BritWeek

Gary Thoulouis worked with BritWeek,, to secure sponsorship for our events which focus on the British contributionsto Los Angeles. Gary is professional, punctual, personable,tenacious and forthcoming. I would work with him again and hopeto have the opportunity to do so.

Ed Warnock
CEO at Airbus Perlan Project"

"Last Sunday the Perlan Project got one big step closer to our goal of 90,000 feet. This would have not been possible without the work that you did. Thank you from the whole team. - Ed Warnock, CEO at Airbus Perlan Project".

Gerry Kelly

Marketing Specialist for Restaurants //Corporate Events/Nightlife Operator at Gerry Kelly

I had the honor of working with Gary in the Level and Vivid days.He was an amazing VIP director and greatly contributed to theenormous sucess of South Beach.

Lynn Bernstein

Community Outreach Coordinator at City of Miami Beach

Gary was a terrific asset to the various City of Miami Beach committees on which he served. He represented the entertainment industry and was a concensus building particIpant as well as a leader in the formation of public /private partnerships in the effort to establish Miami Beach as an entertainment destination.

Kayla Benjamin

Association of Colleges Training & Development Manager

Gary is a source of creative drive in business. Gary has a notableability to implement and action plans in order to bring desiredresults into fruition. His managerial and networking strengthsenable him to bring a win-win situation to all those involved in thebusiness that evolves around him.

About us

result oriented

Orange Peel is an international consultancy that provides business services focused on the development and implementation of  sales, marketing, management and operation plans and strategies specifically designed to  increase your revenues.


  • Stimulate sales

  • Exclusive marketing 

  • Expansion and new business strategies

  • Brand re-positioning

  • New product development

  • Capital investments

  • Sponsorship acquisitions

  • Government and private grants

  • Efficiency optimisation (reduce costs, increase production)

Since 2007 Orange Peel S.L. has been providing services in New York, Miami, Ibiza, Malmö, Copenhagen and Barcelona.